Paintball Packages

Paintball Jungle is situated only 15 minutes from the center of Amsterdam. Our company, which offers paintball programs for over 20 years in Amsterdam, opened a complete new paintball and outdoor lasergames park in the summer of 2012.

We offer a variety of paintball programs. This way you can choose a program that fits your needs and budget. Which program you choose at Paintball Jungle, we always offer you an unforgettable paintball experience!

All our programs offer:

  • You play on a variety of unique, themed playing fields. This way we offer you a completely different playing experience at every paintball playing field;
  • You are not mixed in with other groups. You get to you the playing fields exclusively. We divide your group of friends or colleagues into two teams, which will play against each other;
  • You have unlimited playing time. This means that it is up to you how much time you want to spent paintballing at our site. So it is possible yo play a complete day at no extra charge;
  • On each of the unique paintball fields we offer you a new and exciting scenario;
  • You have your own instructor during your visit. He will make sure that we will meet all your wishes;
  • You can use all of our facilities, like clean toilets, dressing rooms and showers. In our Jungle Bar you can get a wide selection of drinks, snacks, sandwiches or fries;
  • You are using a professional and complete paintball gear package. The package consists of a semi-automatic paintball gun, a pair of goggles and a clean camouflage coverall;
  • You will shoot a professional, a-grade paintball which offers shooting at a more straight line.

We offer all our programs for groups of at least 10 people, with exception of the Walk-on Day and the Light Package. Of course you are welcome to come and visit us with less then 10. We will then charge you for 10 people. Of course you get the number of paintballs for the extra people that you are paying for.

Our paintball packages

Paintball Weekend Special

Especially for those groups that are to small to book our normal package. Every Saturday and Sunday you can just show up and play from 11:00 till 17:00 o’clock. There is no need to book in advance and there is minimum number 6 of people. Price includes all equipment and 100 paintballs.

  • Available from 6 person
  • Includes 100 paintballs
  • Price: € 22,50 per person

€ 22,50 per person – book now!

Paintball Rookie Package

The entry level paintball package offers a complete arrangement at a very low price. This program includes 100 paintballs. Of course you are always able to buy additional paintballs during your visit.

  • Available from 10 people
  • Includes 100 paintballs

€ 27,50 per person – book now!

Paintball Master Blaster Package

More bang for your buck? Then choose our TOPSELLER which includes 300 paintballs for every participant.  The regular value for this package is € 45, 50 (basic price of the Rookie Package of € 27,50 and two refills of 100 paintballs of eacht € 9,00). So you get a  discount of € 6,00 per paintball package!

Available from 10 people

Includes 300 paintballs

€ 39,50 per person – book now!

Super Trooper Package

This ultimate package is designed for our super visitors. If you want to play on all the paintball fields, choose this package. It includes 500 paintballs. Normal value of this package is € 63,50. So for a offered price of € 49,50 per package you receive a discount of € 14,00 per paintball package!

Available from 10 people

Includes 500 paintballs

€ 49,50 per person – book now!

Hardcore Henry

This package is only for our most active visitors. If you want to play on all the paintball fields, choose this package. It includes 1000 paintballs. Normal value of this package is € 117,50. So for a offered price of €75,- per package you receive a discount of € 42,50 per paintball package!

Available from 10 people

Includes 1000 paintballs

€ 75,- per person – book now!

Let us know why you are visiting us!

The reason why you book at Paintball Jungle can always be different. If you visit us with your colleagues you might have different expectations then when you are visiting us with a stag party. We offer different scenarios for each group. For example, with a stag party we offer a bunny suit for the stag to play in free of charge! So let us know when you are filling out our booking form what the reason is you are visiting Paintball Jungle!

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